• Tips can only be entered via the King of the Country website using the submission form provided.
  • King of the Country will determine the times that submissions open and close and reserve the right to change these times without notice.
  • Once tips have been submitted, they cannot be changed.
  • Should a selection be scratched from a race King of the Country will automatically provide you with the official race substitute.
  • Maximum one entry per person per competition.
  • Entries available to people aged 18 and over.

Personal Information

  • When submitting your name and email address to King of the Country you agree to:
    • Receive email correspondence and mobile text messages from Country Racing Victoria, Funters or Funters related organisations.
    • Having your name and tips displayed publicly on the King of the Country website.
  • Funters also reserves to the right to use your name and your competition results on our website, social media and email communication.

Winners and Prizes

  • If the entrant’s tipped horse wins or runs top 3 then ‘fantasy’ winnings will be calculated as if the entrant had $1 each way. The ‘fantasy’ dividends will be calculated based on bet365 Melbourne dividends.
  • The winners will be the top 3 entrants with the most cumulative ‘fantasy’ winners over the race day.
  • In case of a tied result King of the Country will promote the person who put their tips in earlier to the higher position on the leader board.
  • King of the Country reserves the right to decide the winners at its own discretion for any reason it chooses.
  • Winners will be contacted by email notifying them that they have been declared as a winner.
  • King of the Country may choose to award prizes to entrants for their results and reserves the right to change prizes without notice.
  • Prizes are non-transferable.
  • Country Racing Victoria staff and immediate families are not excluded from entering the King of The Country competition, however are not eligible to win prizes.


  • The King of the Country competition is being managed by Funters on behalf of Country Racing Victoria
  • If you are unsure of anything or require clarification please contact Funters: